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KIRAN is the acronym for “Kuwait India Remittance Arrangement on Net”. The word KIRAN has both an ancient and a modern touch to it.

KIRAN in Hindi means “Ray of Light” . It has a lot in common with many aspects of our remittances.

  1. It reaches all corners of the world.
  2. It is the fastest thing in the universe.
  3. It brings happiness when it is received.
  4. It does not discriminate in anyway between people and glows on all – irrespective of their status, nationality, religion or wealth.

Hence, KIRAN matches our outlook towards our customers and their remittances.

We were particularly inspired by “Suryakiran”. Suryakiran is the aerobatic team of the Indian Air Force and is well known all over the world for its excellent aerobatic display performance. Speed, efficiency, excellent co-ordination, skill & knowledge are combined together by the team to deliver incredible performance that paints the sky with Indian tri-colour to thrill & dazzle the people. All these factors – Speed, efficiency, excellent co-ordination, skill & knowledge – are required by us to handle your remittances also. Incidentaly, if you are interested, click here to get more information about Suryakiran of IAF

It is our endeavour to reach the remittance to the beneficiary in a fast, safe, efficient and convenient way. We put our hearts and mind to the task of doing so. The on-line remittance scheme KIRAN is a part of our such effort.

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