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GM, R.Kuppanna
Dear Customer,

I thank you for your kind patronage of our company.In our company, what is considered important is not just the transaction, but the customer behind the transaction. We know the hard efforts made by you to earn the money being remitted by you. Therefore, we take utmost care to ensure the full safety of your remittance. The primacy of efforts is on building a relationship with our customers and not merely focus on the transaction. This entails reaching out efficaciously to customers’ needs – be it remittance, information, advice, trouble shooting and so on.

We are also proud of our efficient delivery mechanism and the friendly customer service at our counters. The feedback, verbal and written, from our customers is ample testimony to this fact. From a look at the history of our Company, carried on our web-site, you will observe the high level of corporate ethics, integrity and corporate governance standards prevailing in our Company. Verily, we have earned the full trust of our customers.

You, my dear customers, have made this Company and we do look forward to your continued patronage and support. All of us at Kuwait India thank you and wish you the very best in all ways.

Yours Sincerely

General Manager
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