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The Philippines’ fastest and most efficient means of delivering incoming remittances!

Equitable PCI Bank’s Express Padala is the Philippines’ fastest and most efficient means of delivering incoming remittances to beneficiaries, particularly from overseas Filipino workers (OFWs). It involves a telegraphic transfer from any Express Padala overseas office or correspondent bank.

  1. the pioneer in the remittance business (existing for more than 20 years)
  2. the bank with one of the largest remittance network, with 27 international offices and a network of more than 300 remittance correspondent banks, remittance tie-ups and agents worldwide

* Bank to Bank * Door-to-Door Cash * Advise&Pay

Bank-to-Bank. If the beneficiary maintains an account with Equitable PCI Bank, the remittance can be credited within 24 hours from receipt of the payment instruction.

Initial Deposit PhP 50.00
Auto-closure & maintaining balance requirement Waived

If the beneficiary sends a remittance for credit to other banks, the amount will be sent to the head office of the said bank within 24 hours, from receipt of the payment instruction from Express Padala Center, Equitable PCI Bank no longer has any control of the actual time and the amount that will be credited to the beneficiary’s account in the other bank.

Door-to-Door Cash Delivery covers inward remittances delivered and payable in cash to a specific person. Remittance details must include beneficiary’s exact house number, street, district, town/municipality/city/name, and contact numbers.

Cash is given only to the specified benficiary; in this case, it is recommended that at least two (2) beneficiaries are (stated as “or”) named. A valid identification will be required before the messenger can give the cash.

Due to this, it is recommended that remitters encourage their beneficiaries to open an account with Equitable PCI Bank to enjoy the benefits mentioned above.

In some instances where EPCIB has an arrangement with other remittance correspondents and foreign desk offices, EPCIB delivers remittance at a committed amount.


  1. Remittance is forwarded to the Equitable PCI Bank branch nearest to the benficiary’s address or as specified on the payment instruction.
  2. The money may be claimed at the branch within 24 hours from the time said instruction is received.
  3. The beneficiary receives a notice from Express Padala Center containing details of the remittance and the Equitable PCI Bank branch from which the funds may be claimed
  4. The beneficiary claims the funds over-the-counter, and is required to present at least two valid identification cards

Exchange Rates
(Discounts available depending on amounts)