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aaaicjfe                           (Mr. R.Kuppanna, GM)              Mr. M.J.Sebastian (DGM)

Kuwait India International Exchange bids farewell to Deputy General Manager Mr. M.J.Sebastian, who is retiring from the company after a wonderful innings for almost 17 years. In a farewell meeting held during the occasion all the Executives and members of staff spoke of his guiding spirit, amiability, ever-helpful nature, strong faith in his team, dedication to work, industriousness, business acumen, customer-centricity and above all his excellent rapport with customers.

Speaking on the occasion, Mr. R.Kuppanna, the General Manager of the Company stated that Mr. Sebastian contributed in significant measure to the growth and image of the Company. Further, he mentioned that he has ably and efficaciously handled all the functions and responsibilities given to him, whether it be operations, marketing, customer service, treasury, compliance, risk assessment and management, corporate governance, internal controls, HR, and PR.

DGM                      (Mr. R.Chinnaiyan, DGM)              Mr. M.J.Sebastian (DGM)

Mr. Sebastian is getting back to his hometown in Kerala, to join his family and to pursue his personal avocations.

Mr. R.Chinnaiyan, till recently General Manager of State Bank of India, has assumed charge as Deputy General Manager of the Company replacing Mr. Sebastian. Mr. Chinnaiyan brings to bear his vast experience of nearly 35 years in various areas of banking – operations, NRI services, audit and compliance, management etc. He has held several senior positions in the bank as DGM (Bangalore), GM (Inspection), MD and CEO of SBI Pension Funds Pvt. Ltd. He also had a foreign stint at SBI, Chicago.